How To Clean Your Hard Drive

If your computer is taking ages to startup and even takes longer when you shut it down, you have to be a worried man. There are many factors that can be attributed to the slow performance of your machine. Either your hard disk is full, you have many unnecessary startup programs popping up every time you switch the computer on or maybe the PC has been attacked by a malicious program; what we love to refer to as a virus.

Cleaning up your hard drive is one of the solutions you can adopt when you want to make your computer run faster. The operating system, utility programs and all your personal files are stored in the hard drive. In case it is clogged up, its runtime would be affected thus it even gets difficult to load the operating system when starting your computer. So how do you clean up your hard drive?

Get rid of any unnecessary files in the hard drive

The first and perhaps the easiest option for cleaning up your computer hard drive is to rid it of any unnecessary files and programs. If you have stored many songs, pictures, programs and other personal files in the hard disc, it would be best if you got rid of those which you deem unnecessary. You can use the control panel in windows systems to get rid if any programs which you feel are not necessary. Remember that, once you have deleted files from the hard drive, they are stored in the recycle bin; the same files are therefore still in the hard disk. Make sure you empty the recycle bin at all times.

Cleanup the computer registry

This is perhaps the most vital option to consider when you want to rid your hard drive of any unnecessary programs or files. The registry is where the operating systems stores data and critical keys. If there is any problem in the registry, the entire computer will be affected. In fact, problems related to the registry are the most critical causes of poor PC performance. To fix any errors, you will have to make use of a registry cleaner; this programs runs through the registry searching for invalid entries and errors. Once it is done, it fixes all these issues.

Here are the main benefits of using a registry cleaner;

- It speeds up your computer and boosts the performance of your computer

- It fixes PC and DLL issues

- It speeds up browser and internet connections

- It fixes any type of registry error it comes across

- It comes with many computer tweaking and optimization features.

For more tips and suggestions, visit and learn how to clean your hard drive, step by step. If you have Web hosting like HostGator or BlueHost, consider scanning your folders and files on a regular basis to avoid security problems.

The Best Ways To Hide IP

Undoubtedly, a large amount of people today are more tech savvy than previously. Many individuals are getting the hang of looking for info on the Web than anywhere else. If you are among those who like to browse the Web, you’d definitely choose to continue to be anonymous and you you don’t want anyone snooping on your online interactions. There abound many cyber crooks and hackers online who wish to take over your identity, that is why it’s vital you keep your IP address safe.

One could use various methods to successfully conceal their IP addresses while surfing online. For starters, you could benefit from a proxy servers. Web proxies consist of either a software or a desktop computer program that helps you browse online anonymously. Proxies functions as an efficient intermediary where you could course each of your online requests anonymously.

There are lots of different executions of proxy servers that can help you to successfully conceal your IP address. The use of Website based proxy servers has become rather common in the recent times. There are many of such internet sites that you would come across on the internet. Essentially, these sites offer you a form where you could enter the certain site that you want to visit. Once you have sent the form, the proxy server sends a request for the pages you need to access. The machine in this case would notrecognize itself as a proxy server and would not save or send your IP address together with your Web resource request.

The use of browser set up proxy servers has actually become quite common in the recent times. You can use standalone proxies that enable you to successfully configure your browser and be able to course your browser traffic. There are lots of sorts of configured servers. These are the transparent proxy, distorting proxy, confidential proxy and high anonymity proxy. These are just but a few of the methods through which you could guarantee your privacy whenever you are surfing through the net.

Installed software proxy servers can also function as efficient means or platforms for hiding your IP address. For most of these services, you would have to pay up a subscription cost either one off or every year. They are the most dependable and in fact, the fastest proxy servers you would ever come across out there on the internet today. In that case therefore, if you want to conceal your IP address, this might be the best option for you.

If you wish to mask your IP, these fundamental guidelines set here will definitely give you ample information and enlightenment. Enjoy the Web and stay anonymous now.

If you are looking for a reliable Web proxy solution, make sure you give the HideMyAss Web proxy solution a try. HideMyAss indeed offers a great free anonymous proxy as well as a paid VPN service (I use their Australian VPN to watch online TV). Watch this HideMyAss review for more details.

The Many Perks of a Web Proxy

If you enjoy browsing the net from time to time and you wish to maintain your anonymity or wish to be able to browse particular restricted internet sites, using a web proxy might be the answer that you have actually been seeking. When utilizing a public computer such as the case is for a cyber cafe, the internet services provider could pick the kind of websites that you could access. This is why you would open particular internet sites and then get failure responses. If you don’t desire this to take place when you are surfing the net, using a web proxy is one thing that you can not dare to ignore as such.

Continue to be incognito

There are numerous benefits that would accumulate to you as a result of adopting using a web proxy server and one of the perks, that is anonymity has already been mentioned in the introductory part. Once more, when you are making use of such software on the internet, it would be much easier for you to go anonymous when you are surfing the net. This means that no part, whether network admins or systems admins in your organization would track the kind of tasks you take part in whenever you are on the internet. This is possibly the biggest advantage that you would ever acquire from using a web proxy.

Freely access restricted websites

When you are utilizing a web proxy, you will likewise be able to access websites that have actually been filtered by the internet services provider. You would commonly find some schools and colleges restricting the sites that individuals could visit. If you don’t wish to see those error messages appearing on your screen every other time, using a web proxy would most definitely be inescapable for your case.

An excellent search experience

The minute you have a web proxy, you are guaranteed an improved web experience. Exactly since there are no prohibitions anymore, and you could obtain easy entry to any site you wish to go to. A lot of web users around the world just like to use web proxies because of this. You will not experience any blocks whatsoever with web proxies. When you have a web proxy, you could go past any website blocks and restrictions today.

Filtering of web requests

Yet an additional advantage you can derive from web proxies is the filtration of your online requests to get you to the very best content that you will ever need. Businesses can use web proxies to ensure that unauthorized workers will never have access to sensitive and very confidential trade secrets. Anybody could without much trouble set a web proxy to best match his or her own individual tastes and choices.

If you’re looking for a reputable Web proxy service, give the HideMyAss Web Proxy a try.

BlackBerry Smartphones vs. The World

With the

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and progression of technology in the world today, people have a reason to smile when it comes to communication. This generation can access information with ease as well as communicate efficiently with people worldwide. This development can be attributed to phones. Newer phones come into the market daily and choosing one can be a hectic task.

Although all smartphones tend to have similar basic applications, the BlackBerry smartphone has added features which make it a favourite with businesspeople. One of the most important applications is the email. Many smartphones can access Yahoo mail or Gmail at the touch of a button. The BlackBerry, however, is unique in that it has instant connection to Microsoft Exchange Server. Any person

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who has a business which runs on networks that are Windows-based would know the importance of such a feature.

(Click the image for a full review of the BB Torch 9810…)

Smartphones manufactured by Samsung and Apple have document creation features. A BlackBerry, however, is meant to go beyond the usual. Your new BlackBerry can be your computing device at a go. One can access both Word and Excel on a BlackBerry platform with ease. Reading, creating and sending documents could not be any faster. This, again, is one

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of the advantages that come with BlackBerry phones, making them popular with executives who would like to meet deadlines. Schoolwork can also be typed and sent to your lecturer on time through your BlackBerry handle.

Whereas other smartphone

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are bent on offering web browsing and entertainment facilities through their applications, BlackBerry phones are geared towards giving their users effective and efficient business outcomes. Productivity is essentially what every businessperson or executive wants to see. However, there are certain entertainment features that come with a BlackBerry phone. There are video games which accompany it, inbuilt MP3 player and a radio. In fact, using your BlackBerry phone, you can stream Internet Radio live. One can also take quality photos and shoot a video with their BlackBerry.

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With the coming of the Apple iPhone, people have been confused as to which of the two to purchase. The features are almost similar though. If you are looking for a smartphone to buy, it is advisable that you weigh both the pros and cons of each handle. The BlackBerry 10, or otherwise known as the BB10, is perhaps the newest smartphone to look out for. It has more features than the present model. The smartphone UI is expected to be more appealing to the executive class it is targeting. It will run on an OS platform. One of the main features is the Hub, which will ensure that all your inbox is unified. The much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 will change the lives of developers too. It is expected to take the world of swiping a mile ahead with the attractive features it has.

Looking at the pictures of several BlackBerry models will give you an idea of what to purchase. The internet is also a good source of information when it comes to the different attributes regarding smartphones.

Find more info on BB smart phones on

Is it Time to Bid BlackBerry Goodbye?

Cities all over the globe have witnessed the power and ability of BlackBerry to do tremendous things. Businessmen carry them everywhere in helping them do their tasks while on the go. You can even witness the influence BlackBerry had in the music industry as artists promoted them in their videos and on tour.

The BlackBerry were once hyped about is no longer the case today. It simply has lost its influence and with other competitors taking over with their own line of cool and advanced features, BlackBerry simply can’t keep up. Many have predicted the end of BlackBerry. And it’s not something you’d want to hear if you happen to be loyal to the brand.

Various forums over the internet have been made to poke fun at the once flourishing brand that used to rule the mobile universe. What were once devices everybody wished they’d own ended up being the mockery of almost anything that has to do with smartphones. While others have poked fun at RIM’s misfortunes, others have expressed their frustration and disappointment to the brand that used to have it all. BlackBerry is no longer cool. It’s been cold the last few years.

While the mobile world back then predicted BlackBerry to be something no other handset maker in the world can match, users nowadays have taken into consideration to opt for another brand of handset as RIM is speculated to go down sometime soon.

Any BlackBerry user would tell you that the moment they own a BlackBerry, it would be something that they’d cherish forever. But with the intrusion of Apple and later, the Google Android, some of those users are desperate to get out of the BlackBerry realm. RIM is, no doubt, the pioneer of smartphones. But with cooler handsets that do more than e-mail, messaging and calling, BlackBerry has lost its grip on a few of its advantages. But if there’s one thing BlackBerry hasn’t lost. It would be their secure corporate servers that companies from all over the world are relying on.

Smartphones nowadays come with advanced features that make them worthwhile. Stable and advanced operating systems have been developed and other noteworthy features such as video calling, game playing and even customizing images can now be made over a mobile phone. Those who own BlackBerry handsets feel like they’ve yet moved on to a newer and innovative technology.

Recent research show that some businesses around the world have fallen off the BlackBerry bandwagon. Those same businesses have shifted to a more stable and updated devices that are useful for communication. For instance, in Australia, over 30% of businesses there have converted their BlackBerry handsets like the popular Bold 9900 or Curve 9300 for iPhones. Apple products have never been reliable. The fear of shifting brands from businesses could swell if RIM doesn’t meet next year’s expectations.

Retailers Making The Most of BlackBerry Products

While analysts are daring investors to give up on BlackBerry products before things could get any worse, users who have been with RIM from the very beginning are now teetering on a tight rope not knowing what the company might bring in the next few months ahead. It is all about timing nowadays and retail giants are bracing for

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the worst of what is to come –- but others are seizing the opportunity to cash in on what could be the

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biggest fall out in the mobile world.

If you look at it from a marketing perspective, there are plenty of chances that retailers can do despite the crisis RIM is facing at the moment. Right around now, there is still a stronghold of BlackBerry users from the world over. While retailers and BlackBerry users are pondering the future of the company, it does not equally mean all BlackBerry devices would cease to function almost immediately. While the company is slowly spiralling down, retailers are making the most of the chaotic situation.

Retailers Making The Most of BlackBerry Products

One of the first steps retailers can go for is by making attractive offers to BlackBerry users, similar to the recent BlackBerry Bold 9780 offers. While there are those

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who meet the requirements of hitching on to another plan, other users can avail discounts by swapping their BlackBerry devices for another handset brand in a new contract agreement.

The next thing retailers can do to sweeten the deal is to offer the same deal they have given to those under BlackBerry contracts. They could make a worthwhile contract for a different brand of smartphone with affordable monthly rates. This can potentially entice users to swap their own BlackBerry devices for another brand.

The move retailers make will obviously not please RIM since this

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louis vuitton online shop the quality doesn’t that.

could drag them into another quarter of slumping sales. Retailers should be careful here since RIM could bite back with a slew of lawsuits which could spell bad news to both parties. Strategies may have already been put into play from retailers worldwide to keep its mobile subscribers smiling while steadily trying to shift the movement of users from BlackBerry for other mobile brands.

Retailers have

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been adopting various strategies to lessen the impact of hurting RIM’s feelings. One of them would involve swapping phones that would result to good deal users might find enticing and worth shifting to. Or they can let RIM know of their concerns with regards to the BlackBerry products.

Nowadays, it is all about trying to stay afloat in the competitive business world. While many believe BlackBerry devices will last and

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survive the storm, there is also a good chance it will continue to spiral downward. If RIM does miraculously survive and manages to rebound back from its slumping sales, retailers will try their best to make the once-flourishing company to get back on the BlackBerry bandwagon.

Services For BlackBerry: Now Up & Running

Research in Motion, the once-popular smartphone maker that used to turn heads is now facing an even bigger problem. It has been reported the company has a combined loss of over $500 million a week ago. At the same time, BlackBerry has been experiencing several technical problems with its network. But RIM has made an official announcement that it has fixed the problems.

Technical problems were first reported in different parts of the world including that of the Middle East. The applications affected for them most part was BlackBerry’s own Messenger as well as its own e-mail. Users have been experiencing problems in their BlackBerry phones that includes messages that seem to freeze for a prolonged period. RIM responded quickly with bug fixes that eliminated the problems.

A director of the RIM branch located in the Middle East confirmed that problems with the service have increasingly affected BlackBerry users located from different parts of the world. The countries that were experiencing the bugs were mostly in Europe, a majority of the Middle East and in some African countries. While there have been minor problems recurring with BlackBerry’s own messenger, RIM has assured that more bug fixes will help patch the issue. While there were problems encountered in other applications and services, most have been fixed and are returning to normal. The inconvenience lightly rocked BlackBerry subscribers despite the company’s serious financial losses.

While many have criticized RIM for doing a poor job in trying to reshape RIM’s technical capabilities, critics have been firing harsh words at the company to seriously address its lack of portfolio and vision. The technical challengers are one of the many flaws that could position the company to turn off a lot of users.

Services For BlackBerry: Now Up & Running

While the problem seemed like it could be the start of BlackBerry, RIM has reassured its users that the technical challenges is just the beginning that would entail a lot of work by the manufacturer. The delays of sending and receiving text messages and e-mail have turned a lot of subscribers off. But it should not be the reason why users should look for other services elsewhere. Despite the looming financial losses the company is experiencing, it is doing its job to try to enhance its services. This involves targeting applications users are constantly using such as its Messenger program.

Since the technical glitch some customers are complaining that they’re no longer able to create their own new user accounts or have the ability to integrate their already created accounts in other applications as well as websites. RIM did admit its technical challenges is a major issue that needs to be resolved since its infrastructure is no longer as strong as it was several years ago.

RIM is trying to make up for it by launching is new line of BlackBerry 10-operated handsets sometime in the early half of 2013. While the company is cutting several thousand jobs, it believes it will save billions of dollars for its future projects that will include the enhancements and improvement of its new devices.

Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Review

If you’re a big fan of Android devices then you surely won’t mind enjoying the Asus Transformer Prime TF300. If there’s something that could rival the iPad, then this device is surely a fierce rival that will never go away. The TF300 is a little thinner, lighter and powerful. This is something you can’t miss out as Asus is looking to things to the next level with its tablet.

The TF300 comes with a starting price of $380 and packs a spacious 16 GB of storage space. What’s even cooler is that it comes packaged with the latest operating system from Google, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The new device is encased with a plastic unibody and runs on a decent processor while removing the flash feature from its built-in 8 megapixel camera.


If you look closely at the TF300, you’ll notice its girth is a little bit more and it doesn’t have the usual aluminium body like it did with the other Asus models. The handset is a little heavy when you first hold it. Other things you’ll notice with the device is that it has a thickness of nearly 0.40 inches compared to its other sibling, the Asus Prime which was measured to have a girth of 0.32 inches. The plastic shell isn’t as sturdy compared to the Prime model and it doesn’t feel quite as full.

Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Review

Software Features

The TF300 will greet you with a preinstalled Google Android version of Ice Cream Sandwich. This is actually the first from Asus to have a tablet that runs on a stable and high end mobile operating system. While this may be good news to a lot of Asus loyalists, it’s still a little behind when it comes to support for its app. If you want to know what the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system can bring you over the older Android Honeycomb, you can find details of it from the Android website.

Hardware Features

The TF300 is the second that table from Asus to run on an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core chip. The tablet also comes bundled with a processing speed of 1.2 GHz which is slightly lesser compared to the 1.3 GHz in the Asus Prime. But the TF300 makes up for it with a higher DD3 RAM at 1 GB compared to the DDR2 the Prime possesses. Plus, the device gives you two options in terms of storage space. You can get one that houses 16 GB of space or you can opt for the other one which gives you twice the space at 32 GB. You’ll see the usual features pre-packaged with the handset including WiFi support as well as Bluetooth 3.0 capability, gyroscope and accelerometer.


Even though the TF300 isn’t as thin or completely sturdy compared to its Asus Prime sibiling, you’re almost basically getting the same features and capabilities. It trumps a little bit more in terms of its rear end camera, WiFi speed and GPS functionality.

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